Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Picture Story

Feeling nostalgic all of a sudden after looking back at old pictures, last year and early this year. 


Bevlyn, me, Yi Xin. First outing together!! Historic?! xD


Making friends at the Sime Darby seminar. Awful lots of fun. :D

Me love mua grandparents. >< Grandfather's birthday at the Hakka restaurant opposite Pav.

The last day my piano teacher taught me. I MISS HER ~

All of us together! Finally! Love love love. Watched Transformers.

Shien Shin's cake for my birthday! :DD Thanks hon ~

My lonely cupcake. It tastes great ok?! P.S. I fucking hate that darn it pervert Rengga for taking my other cupcake and... for being a fucking idiotic perverse teacher.

Great experience. Loads of fun and anyway which girl doesn't like to dress up? LOL. Thankful I had this opportunity. =)

Go green! and blue! LOL. All credits go to Rainne. Awesome girl ~ :D

Me and Sie at Red Door. Dining ourselves before the others come. Omigod she looks so darn cute here. ><

Black on black. Haha. Shien Shin's bday. :)

See? Birthday girl! :D

And pre-Halloween looks ~ xD

24++ people turned up! Btw. GUYS YOU ARE SO DAMN LATE YOU KNOW?!

Ahahhahaahaa. The Japanese fair had this cardboard thingy....

Lim Yong Quan sedang buat apa ni? LOL. The trip to the Astronomy Museum or something??

Posing! Haha.

Aunts! Next time imma try out this vegetarian chinese restaurant at OU old wing.


after muddy games. ><

at Monkey-Land. ROFL.

With the 'bapa angkat' ~ :D

But I miss the other two little kids too.. Remember that cool lil guy? And he kept bullying his sister?!

Me favourite aunt. :p At Fullhouse Sunway branch day before PMR results came out..

Post Christmas teensy weensy gathering ~ back to being lil kids. >< xD

End of year. I got braces.


Back shopping with mua dear Niy Niy. Crazed day. LMAO.

The day was depressing but you make do with what you have. LOL

And btw, my brother is a very good entertainer. So here goes..

Hearts life! =]
I think imma try wash my pictures out.

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