Saturday, February 6, 2010

January came and go...

Ohhh... it feels so quick. Time flies.

some retarded pics...

me on the day of.. celebration of wei see's bday. i'm flashing my braces. awkward. watched imaginarium of dr. parnassus. heyy there's LILY COLE and HEATH LEDGER.

Lily Cole is awesome. Her face is unique. I'm gonna get one of those eco bags in Marks and Spencer because of her. LOL.


Her on the movie. :D

Trying on my new so called warm hazel lenses. It turned out to be unnatural and creepy looking. I'm not a reptile. I like my old ones better. I spent RM100 on two pairs! Omigosh.

I'm looking freakishly pale the day after I was sick. And I still wanna play around with my new stuff. That's why I sort of edited the colours so I wouldn't look like a ghost. Hahah.

but anyway...


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