Friday, February 26, 2010

iLy ~ :D

dedicated to outings. :D Jan and Feb.

Yay. First real retail therapy trip with babe niy niy at a long forgotten place called Sungei Wang. (FYI: I AM NOT LALA)

Had doubts first but then since the prices were so attractive and there were actually something nice there.. I splashed a lot of money. But anyway.. Had loads of fun. Dropped loads of kgs from walking. Bought loads of nice goodies all below RM45.

next one..

ILY b*tcH. Mwuah mwuah.
I don't care what they say about you. I know you. You know me. We are perfect for each other. LOL. Despite all you've heard about her, she's actually very likable. (Forget the boyf changing thing though haha)
Haven't really had so much fun in just mere hours. What? I'm an adrenaline junkie now? LOL. Only pic that day. *sobs*

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