Sunday, January 24, 2010

and it feels like me...

Playlist - On a Good Day (Oceanlab, Above & Beyond)
Undisclosed Desires (Muse)
Not Alone (Gianluca Motta feat Molly, Deadmau5)
Remember You (Andy Perring, Lange)

lazing around at home after a disastrous piano lesson. imma need loads of practice. hopefully i'll do that. *laughs*

i've gone on a hiatus. didn't feel like blogging. but now the mojo is back. muahahah. just a teeny update today. later gonna go selayang mall to get my pants for pj lessons. teacher says my old one is too sexy cuz it's too tight. ROFLMFAO. it's not tight kkay. It's form fitting only. So if the fatter people wear it then call sexy also lor? then buy what size? XXXXXL to make it look less sexy? hahaha.. whatever. imma get those loose ones, sort of like for yoga lessons but i suppose teacher won't notice it. (hoping) those are super comfortable and looks awfully stylish. xD

I'm totally feeling these. i can't wait to go out and unwind next saturday with xueni. haha ~

Black and white makes everything instantly glamorous. and anyway look at the details on the dress. awesome. :D

a dress and a cardi and belt it up. Delish. i'm loving her style. Lookbook is an awesome site for style inspiration. @.@

Anyway. gonna post a decent post next time. Ciao for now.
o yea. im loving sunday. did i say that alreadY? lol