Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Tomorrow I will be going to Penang. Of course I won't be Sæglópur (Icelandic for lost at sea. You see, I'm addicted to Sigur Ros currently.)

This is part of what I'm bringing.. :)

Yes. Jodi Picoult! My first ever book of hers. But I saw reviews that it's not that good. I've started reading the first few chapters and it's pretty good for me. :D

And... What I bought recently.. :p Cotton On animal print cropped t, F Block floral lace (kinda resembles brocade??), Seed monster illustration t, Forever 21 scarf, Diva earrings, Revlon nail polish. Loving everything.

Revlon's Chocolate Truffle is darling. LOVED IT. Caught my attention when I saw it on Jessica Alba in the ads. x)


That's all for now. See you, readers, after my trip. :D

Drifting.. Drifting..

When I first heard Chicane's Poppiholla, I was addicted. Only till recently I found out it was remade from Sigur Ros's version. Today I discovered major bliss. Sigur Ros is a band from Iceland and famous for its ethereal sounds. Loving it.

picture credits:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black and White Fascinates Me

Colours may express life. But black and white is striking with their details which may have been overlooked when colours dazzled the eyesight. It works in so many ways and taken with the correct lighting and all, it becomes a stunning picture, one that is raw and true. A picture paints a thousand words. Well said. I have placed the links below the pictures. You can view more pictures from the source by clicking on it.

Simple yet endearing.

The beach ballerina. Taken by Nina Bradica. Who takes a lot of scenery shots.
Check out her Flickr album.
Nina Bradica


Maurizio Polese is a great photographer. Check out his Flickr album for more B&W pictures.
Maurizio Polese

A dash of colour through grey skies. Beautiful.
designer print

free foto

As well as capturing glamourous shots.

Rocker chic. x)
ed salter


Denise Richards is gorgeous in here.

Daisy Lowe always look awesome in her pictures.
think rich, look poor


10 Days Till Christmas :D

Spent Sunday in Suria KLCC browsing around and later visiting Aquaria. Mom bought a new camera. A Lumix. Was pretty good. But didn't experiment much with the modes available that day. And here's what happened.

And here's the outfit shot of the day. Finally after keeping it for a year I'm out and about in my MNG tights. And a recent addition: I love my Charles & Keith bag. :D

Aargh. The picture doesn't really do the bag any justice! By far my most expensive bag purchase ever. @.@ But it's alright cuz the colour's perfect!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Playlist Update

What I've been listening to. Hardcore beats. x)


I've changed my layout to a 3-column one. It's easier to handle this way. Gosh there's so many things you have to edit before the page looks approachable. And I don't find them from Blogskins anymore. I found really nice vintage layouts here: (click if you're interested)

I found mine here. Simply Fabulous! I agree. x)

Huge variety of layouts at Totally Layouts

Vintage ones here

Sunday, December 5, 2010

You just gotta have Tumblr.

Reasons why you will love Tumblr:

1. awesome photos.

2. laugh-out-loud moments. Good for de-stressing.

3. advice columns. (if you need it) ;p

Secret Vault (your place for any kind of questions)

4. inspiring posts.

5. All those lovey dovey notes you wanna post on your blog is up here.

6. it's the IT thing now. ;p


Sunday, November 28, 2010


In conjunction with Children Week, Cartoon Week, whatever. *note those Facebook profile pictures which show cartoon characters*

I present. Mickey Mouse print legging. xD

My sister was very, very pissed off when she took this. Hence the bad quality.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Long sleeve tops look great on anyone.

Domo is the cutest thing ever besides Danbo.

The holiday schedule:
- study all 11 subjects?!
- shop. OMG. The sales!
- sleep more. (sadly insomnia is still a bummer)
- finish reading a few books.
- update more on Lookbook. Like, finally.
- more shopping.
- more studying.

P.S. I'm just kidding about gifting Mentos.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Of seeking approval and overdoing it

Me in my braces. Long ago. I'm having a gap in the front teeth now due to the rubber bands. Which is.. not supposed to happen. =.=

Anyway, back in the Friendster era, it's highly common to see comments that have a mention 'check out and comment on my photos'. It is so common that eventually people get sucked into that culture and do the same.

Then, it doesn't seem so bad anymore. Promoting yourself.

And apparently they still do it now. Sure nothing much wrong with cam-whoring. It can become a habit sometimes (trust me, I know LOL). And posting it up for vanity purposes, updating, making people laugh, etc. Asking people to check them out is nothing wrong too. Up to an extent. And when they comment or like, it feels good. Admit it, who doesn't get a secret thrill when someone likes the photo you chose so long to upload? ;p

But... geez. Asking people to like and comment pictures that only have you in it? Okay you may have the fancy shmancy photo editing going on or a new sexy dress. But. Seriously. It annoys people. We'll hit the 'like' button willingly.

What happened to subtlety?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cookies and Cream

Awfully in love. The Christmas bug has bitten me. Someday I'm gonna celebrate a white Christmas. But meanwhile for yesterday, a gloomy rainy Tuesday may I add, I went to watch Let Me In, a horror remake. And had the chance to wore this dress for the first time. It's been in my wardrobe for probably a year! Polka dots on chiffon is darling! I really really love the way it looks in pictures, although someone keeps saying I should probably just stick to what? T shirt and jeans and sport shoes. (Does this image sound oddly familiar or what)

Nahh I love dresses. Not as restrictive as jeans. And at least I put on my red sequinned flats. Though it was still a pain on the back of the foot.

Movie was not bad. But I think I might like the original more. It was somewhat stuck between horror and romance and weird computer effects (when the girl was chomping down on her victims) but I like the relationship between the girl and her guardian/ ex lover/ dad?? What he did for her, was disturbing yet eerily lovable.

Story: Lonely frequently bullied boy Owen meets new neighbour who's also a vampire Abby. She lives with a man who religiously helps her to find food and cares for her. Eventually the two bond although Abby tries to leave him alone at first. The murders get found out and the man gets caught after a car crash, but in the end he sacrificed himself to feed Abby. Well, it was also the time he felt fitting to leave this enormous responsibility, I guess. Owen in turn replaces him. That's what the story implicates.

Favourite part was the car crash and the scene in the hospital after. Though it was kinda sad. And gross.

Chloe Moretz is a really good actress (despite the CGI on her) and the Owen kid conveys the mood well. Well. Having such an emo face is really enough for the mood. LOL.

All in all, this will be one of the films that will stick in the mind for a while. But not exactly long because there's still something left out that does not fully satisfy the audience aka me.

I wonder what movie I'm going to watch next.

You Cannot Doubt My Grandma's Awesomeness.

Sure she's got a lil bit of a temper but everything of her adds up to awesomeness. :D

Which comes to the topic of today. Quirks and flaws and stuff like that.

It is said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and that the world is made to be beautiful so there is no ugliness really, just the way you see it. For example, skinny has been seen as one of the qualities for being beautiful (in sense of people) but now curves are seen as beautiful. Well finally. Really. What's not to like?

And gap teeth. Freckles. Look at Lara Stone. Hayden Panettiere.

But well these are all just physical stuff anyway. Yea yea we all love to keep it looking great because looks inevitably become the first thing people judge on, but in the end, it all boils down to the inner that lights up everyone's attention for a longer time. So getting the best of both worlds would be a major plus for anyone.

Beauty without intelligence. Not much of use really.

Knowingly people still get insecure. And focus more on the outside. And it is an obstacle that once removed, can build a whole lot of good stuff. It leads to negativity and then nothing can be achieved.

I do hope I get rid myself these twisted thoughts to distract myself(you have no idea how some people can just trigger me immediately) and get going. And maybe really set my path. There are still many decisions needed to make and there's no time to be negative. Or give up early.

We'll see how that goes.

Gosh this is what happens when it comes to the holidays and I can't pull myself away from the com. Hence this post.

P.S. Marilyn Manson though still scares me but the songs are god dang awesome.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I heart you.

gosh I love tumblr.

Shoe Person All the Way

Hell yeah shoes. My mom's complaining about my collection now. It's too tempting. I love them all.

I'm gonna go hunt for my first pair of ankle boots. Anyone kind enough feel free to gift me one for Christmas. :)

And the above Giuseppe Zanotti is just for display purpose. :)