Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Poisoned Pancakes

I was in the mood for pancakes. And taking pictures of the whole process for blogging purposes. Hahah. Here's what I did.

The box. This is what i'm goin to do.... open it. and take it out. and not making a mess.

Mix. Blend. Whatever. Hahah.

My brother thinks I'm a failure so he took charge after seeing this.

The so called tiny chef didn't make it. so i took charge again. and did better this time. :DD See the end result?? not say really pretty but damn edible. :D

And the transformation to lovely nice dessert time. Just add:

a) honey
b) raisins
c) peach chunks
d) ashley's secret sugar and spice (by being patient xD)


My sister had a tummy ache after eating them.

Accused me of poisoning her.

More like hello? ate too much during dinner? ahhahaha.

my pancakes are delicious okkay?! muahaha.

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