Sunday, December 6, 2009

Did You See His Cranberry Red Lips?

I can tell this is going to be quite a long post. tee hee. Be patient guys.

Monday, Tuesday... not worth talking about.

Wednesday 2/12/2009

I was actually pretty looking forward to this movie.

Turns out.. to be.. disappointing, as usual. Not say really disappointing. It was still kinda ok, with lots of eye candy (but i'm not really the type who goes into movies just to see someone shirtless.) It still lacks emotion or something. I still love the books more. The books are a sort of guilty pleasure for me. I know it's surreal, with lots of negative traits, but once in a while i get swept up by all the sweetness in it. I AM BLINDED. ahahahahah ~

oh.. by the way. one more thing. Edward's make up has got to be a joke. Right? seriously? Cranberry red lips? Wth? I like him in Twilight more. p.s. i sort of like twilight more. and what's with all the cut scenes? is kissing obscene or something? something wrong with malaysia cinema groups.

It's not very obvious here. But seriously. Robert Pattinson's lips are really red. Is that normal for a vampire on screen?

Chris Weitz's style is so not nice for me. Only provided 10 minutes of interesting film. Catherine Hardwicke come back. I love you more.

Forgive that i look totally retarded here. I still love the things i've got on. Ahahahaha. and the main point is there.

O yea. Since i'm talking about Wednesday, a few camwhore-ing shots. Conclusion: I totally need that Canon Ixus! Dad won't borrow me his. :X

I usually cam whore cuz i'm really loving what i wore. xD ~ and in this case my one and only Gap sleeveless top that's worth every RM spent, n new Kitschen vest that I get more and more addicted to.. n although mj's sis says it's gonna get loose, the forever 21 jeans still fit great. (unless i've gotten fat? ugghs. no way. no way.)

Dragon-i again. I just love goin there. Again and again. And next to us were these Korean guys. I don't understand a word they were saying. But whatever. Just mentioning.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday.. again, nothing worth mentioning. work, online, n tuition. it's very hard to get out of the house in the holidays. =x

Sunday 6/12/2009
Went to erm.. wat Mah Sing Group something to view those cardboard houses? What do you call them? You know miniature housing area in boxes for potential buyers to view? It's in KL somewhere. My parents are like interested in this Selayang plot, which is gonna develop soon. Gets done in 3 years. Friggin hell, i'll be like 18 then if they really wanna move in.

But it's actually pretty nice. Semi-D i think? Very spacious, feels like a slightly smaller version of sierramas type? Ok minus the lawns and trees and all. All triple storey stuff.

Then went to like, Renaissance for hi-tea. Gosh. me and buffet? love hate relationship definitely. All those delicacies in front of you and you can eat however many you want because you should be since you paid so much but on the other hand, you'll eat too much and get fat. Hahah.

I ended up eating a lot. The mushroom soup is gosh, awesome! :DD the dessert bar, as usual, was highly tempting so i ended up getting a lot from there. There goes the kilograms.. *sighs*

I got bored waiting for my parents to finish up. Hahah. so ended up taking random pictures since the view was pretty ok. :)

hmm.. is it over yet?
pretty much.
so. gotta go.
Ciao ~ :D

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