Thursday, December 31, 2009

Before We Rock 2010 :D

the holidays are coming to an end.. today's the last day of 2009. LET'S ROCK 2010!!

something of this and that which i did during the holidays.. preferably this past two weeks which i was sorta lazy to blog about.. hahah ~

checked out a lot of christmas decorations.. i'd say i like the one utama one the best. haha. white christmas feel. second did go to the suria gingerbreadman decor. lol ~

18 December - One Utama with my bao beii Xue Ni then went to Ikano. Fun yo ~ regret didn't take pictures at all. LOL. saw yun zhen also. btw a group pic with relatives that day. (they are all my 'aunties' even the girls who are still teenagers)

20 December - The Curve and Ikano. Whoa whoa whoa. Lots of nice damage. There's this super nice boutique call Love It. and yepp I love it there!! lol. mom was extra generous and bought me shoes n two dresses ~ woots.. ahem. I love this one. maxi dresses are super sexayy ~ ahahahha.

Dec 23 - the day before PMR results. I WAS LIKE SO CONVINCED I WAS GONNA DIE... so... what else can i do?

I WENT SHOPPING. I LOVE SUNWAY. it's my first time ther??! omigosh. i love fullhouse too btw. went with my aunt and sis. but it was good fun all the same. :D

omigosh.. i bought like super loads of accessories.. hahaahhas ~ on a personal high that day...

o yea. celebrated dad's birthday too. :D

and the next day...


8A's! omigosh. super duper happy ~ :D and i took my new teddy charm ther. sure works? hahaha ~

but seriously. i haven't gotten any reward or anything yet. i wanna sort of like treat myself.. also failed. haiz. fine. never mind. patience is a virtue. :]

went to uncle's christmas eve party. mannn i hate crowds. especially when u can't really communicate in it. so i hid in my cousin's study... lol.. until my phone died and then... went hiding in cousin sister's room instead.. with a load of books... mann im such a nerd. hahhahaha ~

*can't resist. lighting so nice..

Dec 25 - wth.. christmas was boring. visiting relatives.. waitin in car for over an hour... -.-

anyway. Dec 26th...
omigosh. super fun la ~ hahahhaha.. gathering.. party? quite dao gei.. lol.. but anyway was pretty damn syok.

Dec 27th - ooo.. suria. although quite bad mood that day. i still bought stuff. woots! blek :p btw gingerbread man! :DD

Dec 31st.....

ehh. last day. i watched avatar. finally. omigosh. super blur la.
no wear contact lenses go see 3D.
mann. double spec in the end.
second row also.

blog finished.

HAPPY 2010 guys!

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