Friday, November 20, 2009

Bangs Bangs! :D

yippee. friday was a total surprise.

got off work at 12pm already. then at mid afternoon get 2 finally have my haircut.

real stress reliever. *work is tedious* i love people working on my hair. ahhahahahah ~

anyway i thought it was like real short at first. but it looked so DAMN IT shiny, soft, manageable.. etc etc.

AND PICTURE PERFECT AS WELL.. (narcissistic for a while... ;p)

ahahhaha.. long time no cam-whore dy... so.... took a lot.. really, A LOT of pictures that day to celebrate. xD ~ w said it looks stunning. ahhahaha. he's the first one who commented. thanks hon ~ :D

o yea. and im crushing on my new bleached out vest. yepp. definitely a good sign. for once, i'm not obsessing over what SHE said.

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