Thursday, November 12, 2009


ahahahahah.. the title is from a childhood song. which us girls sang while in the paddy field or something. ahem. sang really loud btw. anyway the trip was really fun!! last saturday and sunday was well spent.

i don't really know where the location really is. I just know it's in selangor somewhere. so don't ask me. xD. go to the website yourself. it's in blogspot. google it. Dorani Homestay. lol.

anyway... pictures say a thousand words. so here there are. juz a part of them. more are in my facebook photo album. :D

Did a whole lot of stuff.. aww.. so nice.. the batik was great.. n then playing at the muddy pond. ok that was kinda gross but we had a lot of fun.. got soaked all over... lol.. then had to borrow alwin's choir shirt (it's still in my wardrobe. =X) ok erm someday i'll giv it back. now dunno how??!

n then.. nite time chit chat like hell. we girls get to play around with the lil grandkids of our 'abah' n 'amah' angkat. xD

etc etc.

Time flies.


but we had fun.

memories last forever yo :D

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