Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Of Blogging at Work... =X

1. I have started working today. at my dad's place. Out of sheer boredom n broke-ness. lmao ~

2. I actually dreaded this day. I thought it might be boring, cuz I have to be a little good girl and do all those office stuff and strictly NO ONLINE unless im in for lunch hour.

3. I didn't even want to wake up today!! (cuz i slept at round 3 am laz nite)

4. I ate breakfast (2 pieces of bread), did my hair, prep my face wiv primer (just temporarily cuz my moisturiser's used up n im dry in the pocket) and concealer (i slept at round 3 am REMEMBER??), felt a little scared about how it would turn out this time.. all in the car.

5. I realised I've been thinking too negatively. There are cheerful new faces in the office, and my ever bubbly colleague Prema is a life saver. She told me this (summarized by me): "You can on9 whenever u want, just not in front of ur dad or ur aunts.."

6. I am therefore blogging at work now, because apparently i don't have much work at hand.

7. I logged onto Facebook and the line was damn slow. Yes they have finally installed Internet connection into employees' computers. WOOTS! But i'll hav to make use of it. Logged onto Blogger and entered other fashion-y sites to get my daily dose of update. (it's become quite a habit now. i just love pretty things)

8. I wonder if I can download MSN Messenger here. Hmm... Some ppl said hi to me in Facebook Chat but because it was too slow, i only managed to reply to a few. =X

9. I feel so at home here. Just minus the tv and snacks and speaker. Otherwise it's great. Hahah.

10. Things are starting to look cheerful for me.

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