Sunday, November 1, 2009

MJ rocks. I love you, too.

Finally! I went to one utama. My main purpose was to check out Miss Selfridge and Diva. but no, i didn't really fulfil that purpose. Instead, just had a movie and lunch at a chinese restaurant. BUT OH GOD, IT WAS SO WORTH IT.

Can't help myself. I just love my top. lol.

Mom wanna watch Michael Jackson's This Is It. Thought it was gonna bore me out. Since I never really watch this kind of thing although I like MJ. Met Emily there. Hahah. She was gonna watch Poker King, I think? I wanna watch The Time Traveller's Wife, the trailer looks promising. But nahh. I didn't have my phone with me. So have to stick with mom. Anyway.... went to eat later. 小笼包? i didn't really catch the name.

But the decor is awesome. and so's the food... =DDD

looks delicious don't they? ahahhahaha.. and here's a couple of me n food shots. :D

THE MOVIE WAS AWESOME!!! Michael Jackson ROCKS!!! he's 50 years old, so what? he's still very dedicated.. he was this soft speaking perfectionist and was so into it. All the people there loved him! The dance crew was amazing. especially the toaster move.

aww.. gosh! *CONFESSION TIME* i actually got so inspired n so touched!

and he keeps repeating his love to all the crew there. the background videos were awesome, perfect! even the pyrotechnics were impressive. imagine fireworks like those in a concert! too bad too bad too bad! aww...

imma miss you loads.. =(

o yea.. before we left.. ahahhaahah.. the halloween decor isn't as good as last year's... =(

Rest in peace, michael. rest in peace. I love you, too!

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