Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here I Am ~

hello people (if there are anyone reading it right now) ~ yes i've finally gotten myself a blog. surprise surprise ~ ahahahahahaha..

But anyway.. wow this blog has taken me like five days to prepare??!! i was just so lazy to get one before. but then last Friday gotten a look at www.blogskins.com ~

ahem. I GOT HOOKED ~

because. of. the. LAYOUTS.

and then i started to register myself in blogger, which is here, ahahhahaha, and started decorating. posting pictures, links, editing profile, you name it. i'm pretty proud with myself when typing this. ahahhaha.. of course i have to mention Mr. Ooi Zhong Kent here, who listened to me complaining about the difficulties bla bla bla and lending me advice. Ribuan terima kasih (no i am not doing penghargaan for projek here)

any links i've missed out? probably. tell me if i've missed yours. =]

o yea to people who don't know who i am (are there are there?)

my name is xin jie, a.k.a. ASHLEY ~ 15 tis year. other details non relevant. ask me if u're interested. lol ~

im gonna keep it short here. so ttyl. =p

xOxO ~

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